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Biodynamic Agriculture
within the context of
Dr Steiner’s Medical Approach

Biodynamic Agriculture for the 21st Century


We are a membership based community. So please join to access the people, knowledge and experience contained within.


Our education and consulting services are achieved with personal mentors who accompany you though the journey, at your own pace. Each of our mentors has over 40 years experience, each, in Biodynamic practice and research.


Conscious Biodynamics is based upon research . We have several projects underway. So please join one of these or begin one of your own. Through experience arises knowing.


Money is energy and the more energy we have the more we can achieve. If you support our endeavour, of living sustainably and  consciously in harmony with nature law,  please donate as you see fit.

The ONLY college on the planet, where the whole of Dr Steiner’s ‘Agriculture Course’ can be fully understood.


You have my vote for making sense of the periodic table.  I’m always following up and confirming your intellectual realizations. My hat’s off to you, my friend. I owe you a great (and growing) debt for deeper understanding of biodynamics and beyond which I hope including mention of your work in the tail end of my book, Quantum Agriculture, is a first payment for. Thank you , thank you, thank you.

Best wishes,

Hugh Lovel